Welcome to Belarus

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

«RIDER» Travel Agency is glad to present the Republic of Belarus and to introduce you the most outstanding places of interest and different variants of pastimes.
We offer the following tours to Belarus:
• Group and individual tours
• Fishing, hunting, boating, horse riding etc
• Services during international sports events, festivals and concerts held in the Republic of Belarus (hotels, transport, multilingual interpreting, visa support).
We will be glad to propose You the most suitable program of staying at very competitive prices and for any budget.
You can contact us for any information.
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Aboout the country

Belarus is bordered by Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The country is covered largely by forests and lakes, is rich in wildlife and crossed by major rivers such as the Dnieper. Minsk, the capital of Belarus, was first mentioned in 1067, but little of the old city survives except a few 17th-century buildings. Modern Minsk is symmetrically designed with wide embankments flanking the Svisloch River. The cultural scene is very diverse with the Belarusian Ballet and museums such as the National Museum of Belarusian History and Culture. The suburb of Troitskoye Predmestye gives an insight into the way Minsk once looked; 19th-century houses with colourful facades line the streets. When visiting the city of Brest, a tour of the Brest Fortress, used to repel the German forces during World War II, is recommended. Local dishes worth trying are dracheny, a tasty potato dish with mushrooms, and draniki which is served with pickled berries. A favourite drink is chai (black tea). Minsk has a thriving cultural scene with opera, ballet, theatre, puppet theatre and a circus. Brest also has a renowned puppet theatre.


Visa Information

Applications for visas should be made at the nearest Belarusian overseas Consulate.
Information about Belarusian consulates you can find on www.belembassy.org
There is also another way to obtain the visa. It concerns the tourists from that countries where there is no Belarusian Consular Office or if it is situated far from the temporary place of living in your country. In that case you can get visa in the international airport «MINSK-2».
To get Belarusian tourist visa in both cases You will need — a visa support letter + a national voucher from a registered Belarusian tourist company. Tourist visas are issued for a specific period of time indicated in the voucher with a confirmed hotel booking. This documents should be presented to the Consular Department in the international Airport «MINSK -2» no later than 4 days before the arrival.
The tourist when receiving visa in the airport should provide a photo and fill in the Application Form and pay the Consular Fee. The consular fee is only payable in cash (in USD or Euro) at the Consular Desk of the airport.

The Business visa is obtained on the basis of official invitation (the original, not a fax copy) from the inviting Belarusian institution.

The Private visa — on the basis of a private invitation.

To get a visa support letter and a voucher from our company you should provide us the following information:

  1. name and surname of the applicant (as per passport)
  2. number of his valid passport
  3. expiry date (at least 6 months prior to entry date)
  4. date of birth
  5. date of arrival (incl. the number of flight and destination)
  6. date of departure
  7. required hotel reservation
  8. the place of getting visa
  9. citizenship

and pay the Visa support Fee in the amount of 15 USD/EURO/ (80 000 Belarusian rubbles) per passenger to RIDER Travel Agency. This fee will be included in the invoice for services provided to you or to your clients (accommodation, transfers, etc.)